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Welcome to Himalayan Magic Helicopter Services, your gateway to an extraordinary journey in the majestic Himalayas. As a premier Helicopter Tour Company in Nepal, we specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences. Our mission is to provide easy and fast services, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

Embark on a Pilgrimage Helicopter Tour, explore the iconic Everest Base Camp, or engage in rescue operations with our highly skilled pilots. Our scenic flights showcase Nepal's breathtaking beauty, from snow-capped peaks to serene lakes.

Join us for an extraordinary adventure where expertise, safety, and a love for the Nepal Himalayas converge"

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Popular Helicopter Tour Packages

Experience Unforgettable Aerial Journeys with Breathtaking Views

USD 4500/charter USD 1250/person
11 Days 3 - 5 People
USD 4500/charter USD 1250/person
11 3 - 5 People
USD 4800/charter USD 1250/person
11 Days 3 - 5 People
USD 2000/charter USD 450/person
9 Days 3 - 5 People
USD 6200/charter USD 6200 Charter/person
14 Days 3 - 5 People
USD 1800/charter USD 450/person
09 Days 3 - 5 People

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